In a series of videos, Modos Media created marketing material for the town  of Blythewood, South Carolina. In these videos we explored the type of community that makes up Blythewood, and the many benefits and advantages of living there through interviews with residents of the town.


This brief video is a compilation of some of our work, to give you a sense of the quality and variety of projects we have created and worked on

This is an example of a learning parable bringing together video and story telling for an educational experience. Throughout this series of videos, leadership principles are explained through the business practices of gangsters!

This video is a sample of an upcoming documentary that Modos Media is producing in association with Zero Gravity Project, focusing on the impact of the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall on those who experienced the Vietnam war abroad and at home.


If you would like to learn more about this documentary, or contribute to its production please contact us! We would love to talk.

In this video, Modos Media's own, Ray Smith, discusses Leadership with Duke University professor, Allan Lind, through the experiences of the gangsters seen in "The Organization" video above